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Pneumatic Tube Systems for Administration

Pneumatic tube systems for administration

Airports, logistics centres, forwarding agencies, port facilities, and more are supported worldwide by Sumetzberger pneumatic tube systems in the efficient distribution of original documents. Sumetzberger pneumatic delivery systems transport everything that cannot be sent electronically such as letter post, delivery notes, customs documents, original documents, and more quickly and with no time loss. Rooms, floors, and buildings are connected over long distances, even if they are separated by roads.

Maximum success through speed

Speed is particularly important when processing business and freight documents. Pneumatic tube systems work quietly, quickly, and reliably around the clock. Urgently required documents can be processed quicker and transported the most direct way possible without any significant amount of time. Sumetzberger Rohrpostsysteme connects all buildings, even if they are separated by roads.

Maximum efficiency in operation

Constant interruptions due to time-consuming errands and waiting times not only disrupt the daily workflow; they are also cost-intensive. Pneumatic tube systems from Sumetzberger, on the other hand, are convincing because of their high reliability and low operating and maintenance costs.

Maximum safety

The functioning of the whole company depends on a fast and reliable exchange of information. With the pneumatic delivery system, everything that is urgently needed reaches its recipient safely and reliably. Only authorised persons have access to the system by means of ID Smart Cards. The computer-controlled monitoring system records and evaluates each and every consignment as well as the graphic representation in real time.

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